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‘Off The Tracks’ Acoustic music Singaround

Second Wednesday of each Month

Starting 13th January 2016

From 8pm

Do you play an acoustic instrument, sing or just like to listen to music, then come along to a most enjoyable night of varied music.

Hosted by The Ragtag Band.

It could be Folk, Country, Blues, Jazz, Pop, all genres welcome.

The concept is simple we just sit in a large circle taking turns to lead, musicians joining in to form a large band, or you can do an individual spot.

Called ‘Off The Tracks’ after the successful ‘Off The Rails’, singarounds,

run by Ragtag and closely linked to The Manchester Folk Trains.

Facebook Page www.facebook.com/offtherailsmanchester

The Spinning Top,  20 Wellington Road South

Stockport.  SK4 1AA